Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do Not Throw Your Chewed Up MacBook Power Cord Away! (Apple MagSafe Power Adapter)

Date: August 10, 2012

For those of you reading this blog entry... I hope it helps you to decide to fix your own power adapter.  At first I wasn't sure, but then I realized it was something I could handle.  All I used was a pair of cutting pliers and a sharp blade to splice the wires.  Oh yeah, and duct tape too since I could not find our roll of black electrical tape.


It took me about an hour to repair... my sons MacBook / Apple MagSafe Power Adapter.

I cut the ends clean, and stripped back the insulation.  

I spiced the inner wire firmly together and carefully taped it (I used duck tape), then connected (twisted) the outer "mesh" and made it the other wire.

I treated the mesh wire as one wire and the inner coated wire as the second wire and separated them from each other... pretty straight forward.

To make sure it is strong where I joined the two halves together I took the outer casing that had no wire in it and overlaid it to both sides above the taped area.  It looks a little funny, but will work for now until we buy a new one.

The macbook is charging as I type.

Just thought you might like to know it can be done.  

See the fun I had along the way taking pictures and doing some basic wire repair.

And wholla, my final step was taping it all together.

I had my son plug it into his MacBook and the wall outlet.

Another DIY complete!

RE: Apple MagSafe Power Adapter


  1. You left out one step--get rid of the cat!

  2. I am not sure if that step or pre-condition will change. I think I may be staring at the cat right now that did it... maybe that is why its mouth keeps twitching. Sorry, reader... the cat stays.

  3. My dog chewed through my Mac Book Pro power cord, I had no idea I was not the only one dealing with this! Thanks to google now I know there is some hope of repairing this cord!

    Thank you too :)

  4. Very nice, useful information. But the cat lovers among us would like you to add a photo of the feline criminal.

  5. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to know! I got to the point of twisting together the outer mesh but wanted to make sure someone else had tried it and it worked. I appreciate you posting this.

  6. Well, well, well. Found your site. Made the repair. Now charging. God, I love the internet!

    Basil (mum's puppy) - all is forgiven. Just!

  7. Be careful. A friend repaired my MacBook Pro cord. It seemed to work but then my battery exploded. The Apple genius told me there are silicone packets inside battery that, literally, burst. The reason, he told me, is that the Apple wires are strung like a halo, as opposed to straight line. Don't know what that means, but it's what he said.

    And I don't have a battery now. The cord was $80. A new battery is $130.

  8. Oh, and the reason I needed a new cord is my cat chewed it. She has also chewed through, like, six sets of Apple ear buds. There's definitely something going on with Apple cords and cats.

  9. Thanks SO MUCH for the write up & with pics!!! helped me a lot!!!!
    LOL, we usually have at least 3 dogs & 4 cats in addition to the humans in our pack that live on the inside of the box with us. I got one crazy right now that is chewing everything! (about 1yr old dog) He joined pack just recently, and had a bit of a traumatic international flight to get here, so I'm trying to cut him some slack on this. I've lost 2 usb-iphone cables, & 1 magsafe adapter(soon to be fixed) since we've had him(also 6 ac cords have needed splicing. LOL good times.
    I always keep at least 1 spare magsafe, and 2 usb-iphone cables with me at all times.
    again, thanks a lot. I haven't lost this many cables around my house since our last whelping.
    Saved me a bit of the green

  10. Thanks for showing how you worked this out.

  11. I think i am doing something wrong... i need help

    1. Please email me at

  12. The dog that I'm minding somehow managed to take advantage of about 10 seconds of non-attention by me and ate right through my Macbook Air charging cord when I was one-hour away from a work deadline. The soonest I could get a new cord was one week. I Googled whether attempting a repair would be worthwhile and this post came up. My charger was usable again in about 10 minutes. THANK YOU. I'm now waiting on some Sugru to make the repair permanent, but this will get me through.

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